Application for Tutors

Interested in Becoming a Tutor for Stuy Study Society?

Why Should You Become an SSS Tutor?

As Stuyvesant students, we inherently benefit from the modern-day imbalance of New York City schools. If we remain complicit and inactive, than we’d be naive bystanders to an unjust system. Through SSS, however, we can actively support historically underserved communities who simply do not possess the same resources that were afforded to us. It’s a bring the bottom to the top mentality of bridging a severe education gap. If that alone does not obligate you to join SSS, the club will also teach you how to teach others, a valuable skill that requires an accumulation of both patience and practice.

About Us

We are Stuyvesant’s Study Society, and we offer free tutoring to historically underserved students from K to 8.



Stuyvesant High School

New York City

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